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Rapid Development

An advanced web application that takes 1 year to develop using traditional development tools such as Java or XCode, takes 1 day to create with WAG™

Desktop + Tablet + Phone

All the work to make your applications run on all major desktop browsers and mobile devices is automatically done for you.

WAG™ applications automatically adapt themselves to the capabilities of each device. So go ahead and invite your users from all desktop browsers and most mobile devices to use your WAG™ App, including iOS, Android, Windows.

Automatic Database Development

WAG™ automatically creates and maintains the databases and all associated objects required for your WAG™ Apps. When you publish a new version of your WAG™ App, it even performs an automatic database migration for you.

Automatic Multi-Tenant and Software as a Service

Every WAG™ application is multi-tenanted so you can offer it via a Cloud Portal model. This enormous programming task that takes many months to develop is built into every WAG™ App from the moment you start it.

Automatically Runs in 3 Cloud Environments for Enterprise Mobility

Every WAG™ App can be published to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and soon, IBMSmartCloud, with one click.

All the work to make your applications run in any of the supported clouds is done for you, including automatic application scaling and rolling back to a previous version of a WAG™ App including database changes.

Automatic AJAX Development

Every WAG™ App you create automatically makes extensive use of AJAX so your WAG™ App can provide great interactive user experiences, bridging the gap between traditional desktop applications and mobile, web applications. WAG™ gives you the power to easily create anything from simple to complex and sophisticated business applications with AJAX mash-up services and functionality in a rich client.

CSS3 Graphical Designer

Exercise your artistry. WAG™ comes with an amazing and completely visual CSS3 designer that puts the entire CSS3 specification in the hands of the WAG™ application creator. Copy, modify and share CSS3 themes amongst applications. More than 50 themes are included for your use.

Create professional CSS3 themes in minutes including rounded textboxes, multi-level gradients, varying opacities, custom borders, preset page margins, fancy menus and buttons, shadow effects, custom transforms and transitions and hundreds of special effects. The possibilities are endless!


Every WAG™ application that you create uses advanced HTML5 features including Local Storage, Offline Web applications, Drag and Drop, Cross-document messaging, Regular Expressions and HTML5 video and audio. All this helps you deliver cutting edge experiences to your users on desktop and mobile with unimaginable ease.

In addition, your users will be amazed at how your WAG™ applications render across varying screen sizes, browsers and devices. WAG™ automatically and intelligently refits your application to any screen size available. Bringing this capability into full scaled web applications is a major technological achievement over mobile device fragmentation. It is the future of how web applications will be displayed on mobile devices.

Enterprise Mobility and Cloud Level User Management

Every WAG™ App automatically integrates with Enterprise and Cloud grade User Management, which supports many types of directories.

Any Point In Time Data

Every WAG™ App has its own time machine with a full audit trail. Every change to data is recorded and users can go back to the data the way it was at Any Point In Time.

Data Synchronization

WAG™ Apps can do two way data synchronization with corporate and Internet data sources.

WAG™ Apps Integration

Every WAG™ App can automatically consume and expose data and user interfaces to any other WAG™ App.

1 Year to create an advanced web application? How about One Week?

Create web applications in record time. An application that takes 1 year to develop using traditional development tools such as Java or .NET, takes 1 week to create with WAG™.
In addition, the resulting WAG™ application will have numerous capabilities that would require many additional months of programming using traditional development tools.