Total Relationship Management™ is an evolutionary step forward from traditional CRMs

Visually Customize-able Relationship Management

Parallel Universes, Connected

The data for all your relationships is now in one place, managed. TRM™ let's your organization manage substantially different types of relationships such customers and prospects, employees, various business entities, vendors, partners, investors, job applicants, help desk... you get the idea... any type of relationship.
You can fully and visually customize the screens and data points for each type of relationship while enabling role based access and flexible data sharing between business divisions based on any criteria such as business needs or job function

Business divisions can create their own Virtual Environment and completely customize their environment including data points and user interface and marketing campaigns. Data can be shared selectively between Virtual Environments, and managers can specify data sharing settings between different business entities or for different users and groups to access the data they need while working within their own environment.

Visual Self Customization

Design Environment in a Browser

TRM™ delivers a groundbreaking what you see is what you get wysiwyg
screen designers right in your web browser.
It allows you to define and customize the screens for different types of companies, contacts and activities without requiring any programming. Different types of relationships require different data points and different data entry screens. For example, the data points you may want to record for a job applicant will be quite different than those for an investor...

so go ahead, check it out.
When you customize the user interface for different types of companies, contacts and activities, the storage of the values entered into these fields by users is handled for you automatically. TRM™ includes many predefined company, contact and activity types which you can customize, copy and modify or create completely new ones.

Globally Share Data From Your Customer Relationship Management Software

Be Part of a Connected World

You can share data from your TRM™ virtual environments with other Corporate Central users and groups and subscribe to data shared by others. The granularity of control over data sharing will amaze you - it spans the gamut between shared editing of all data down to a record and field level in read only mode and everywhere in between. Free, paid, subscription, and data exchange based sharing options are available.

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