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deliver top quality solutions rapidly

Our consulting services are designed to accelerate development at any stage of the app lifecycle and are delivered by the Corporate Central and Consulting Partners who have deep experience shipping great apps with Corporate Central.
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Corporate Central App Jump Start

The Corporate Central App Jump Start program is your shortest path to app success. Based on the experience and lessons learned by Corporate Central experts, this engagement will get your project launched quickly and on the right path.

At the end of the Jump Start engagement, you will have a working amazing mobile application, a roadmap for future versions, solutions to at least some of your specific challenges and working experience to make your app successful.

Jump Start My App

Let's Work Together to Create Your App!

$ 1600


Duration: 2–10 days

  • Work Hands On With Corporate Central Experts!
  • Select Engagement Duration Appropriate For Your App
  • Rapidly Deliver Top Quality Solutions
  • It's Your Shortest Path To App Success
  • You'll have a working mobile app, roadmap for future versions, solutions to specific challenges and working experience from the experts!
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What is included?

We will match you with the best people and resources who will work with you 
and your team for 2-10 days to create your mobile app. This includes:

Phase 1 is to spend the time understanding and designing your app for Corporate Central. Typically ½ day to a day.

Review your needs and wants for your app

Create a plan for the rapid development of your app

Go through the use cases of your app

Analyze your audience(s) and your success factors

Discuss and agree which features of your app can be created within the allotted time frame

Identify and discuss potential issues or limitations

Provide architectural recommendations

The best approach for creating your app

Phase 2 is to jointly develop your app using a daily rapid development and feedback cycle. 1½ – 9 days.

Each day is comprised of fast paced rapid development utilizing the Corporate Central platform.

Blocks of functionality are rapidly created and tested iteratively including UI, business logic, formulasm views, workflow, data integration etc.

You will see significant functionality added from one hour to the next.

Each day starts with a 1 – 2 hour session to set expectations for the day and start off the day on the right track.

We end in running, reviewing and testing the latest version of the app and set goals for the following day. We also discuss feedback and decide how to incorporate any changes.

The final half day to a day of the project is dedicated to running a finally system test for the app and reviewing follow up points and recommendations for the next version.

Who needs the Corporate Central Jump Start?

The Jump Start is ideal for projects that have reasonably well defined requirements for an app and a customer side point contact. We need to work together to set your app project for success while making the most from the power of the Corporate Central platform, given the time allotted for developing your app.

The customer should assign a point contact who will make decisions. This contact should have a good understanding of the needs of the app and the business case. The point contact should be available to work at least 2 hours per day on the project.

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